Brewers Tell Us Their Favorite Beers To Pair With A Juicy Hamburger

06.17.19 4 weeks ago


It’s hard to beat a juicy, flame-grilled burger on a hot summer day. We’ll even take a well-made veggie burger or an Impossible Burger, as long as we can sneak a few slices of aged sharp cheddar on there. The only thing that can make a flame-licked burger better is being paired with the right beer — something to contrast those umami notes and cut through all the dense fattiness.

The beer-burger combo is extremely important to the overall experience, but it’s not always as easy as grabbing whatever’s on top of the cooler. That’s why we decided to ask some of our favorite brewers to pair their favorite beers with a juicy, greasy, rich, grilled burger. Check out their answers below and get grilling!

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Mark Safarik, brewmaster at Dogfish Head

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. What could be more quintessentially American? This is my desert island beer. It’s exceptionally crafted, well-balanced and just plain delicious.

Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale

Shawn Steele, director of brewing operations at Coronado Brewing Company

I’d have to go with Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. I’m from Detroit, and this is my favorite mid-west IPA. It’s a great pairing for a cheeseburger because it’s a little bit maltier than west coast IPAs and brings out the caramelization of the meat, while the hops help cut through the richness.

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