The Absolute Best Burger In Every State In America

07.16.18 1 year ago 12 Comments
best burgers in america


Picking the best burger in America is impossible. There are just too many variables — from bun texture to sauces to cheese choice to the varying patties. There are a few things we think a great burger needs, like a soft buttery toasted and slightly sweet bun, then someone throws a burger on some fry bread and all bets are off. Fact is, burgers contain multitudes. They can be amazing with melty and very processed American cheese and with crumbly piquant blue cheese.

That adaptability makes burgers both amazing and almost unquantifiable.It’s a fascinating aspect of the form.

Yet, here we are. We’re picking the best burgers in America, one for every single state in the Union. We’ve also added Washington, DC to the mix. The city has a dope burger scene that deserves our attention and respect. In the end, we were able to shake out the burgers that you have to at least try if you’re in the area. Some are greasy, others are cheffed up, and they’re all f*cking delicious.

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