The Best Beers To Chase Down This May

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May is a great month for craft beer releases. Brightness, lightness, and bold flavors define the season’s offerings leading into summer. The best beers to drink right now celebrate the rebirth of plants and fold that into beers through funky yeasts, innovative flower hoppings, and effervescent bubbles.

This is a great time of year to try something new when it comes to beer. Our advice, spend May seeking out the new and the unique. At the very least, you’ll find a refreshing beer that’ll quench your thirst through the hot summer days to come.

The beers listed below are great pickups right now. Some of them will take a little longer to hunt down, others will be in your corner liquor store. Either way, traveling for a great beer is always worth the effort.


Let’s start with a little fun. Danny Trejo’s tacos were a huge hit on the L.A. scene when they dropped back in 2016. This month, Trejo’s Tacos is teaming up with Lincoln Beer Company yet again to bring the world a Mexican Lager named after the actor-restauranteur.

Trejo’s Cerveza is an L.A. brewed Mexican Craft Lager with a very sessionable 4.7 percent ABV. The beer is an easy drinking light beer that’s being released specially for a Trejo de Mayo event over the weekend in L.A.

This is a first come first serve basis for 16-ounce cans — which, admittedly, look pretty badass — and draft pours.

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