The Ultimate Beers For Spring, According To Bartenders

04.17.19 2 months ago



Spring is the time to get to know the lighter side of the beer world. We’re talking about saisons, farm ales, bocks, wheat beers, and sour ales. There’s a reason these styles of beer are released in the early spring, and it’s not just so you can continue drinking them throughout the summer. Each one helps creates a bridge between the darker, richer beers of winter and the light, refreshing summer brews.

Saisons, farm ales, and wheat beers bridge the seasonal gap with yeasty, malty flavors. While sour beers are tart, refreshing, and have just enough edge to work well on an unseasonably cold spring day. But since we all know the craft beer world can seem intimidating at times, we’ve asked a handful of our favorite bartenders to let us in on the seasonally appropriate beers they love best now that spring has sprung.

Allagash Saison

Alli Torres, Bartender at Refinery Rooftop in New York City

“Once a lot of saison-style beers start popping up on menus, you know spring is just around the corner. Saisons are traditionally described as a ‘rustic’ or ‘farmhouse’ style beer. Once daylight savings switches over, these beers offer a nod to farmers who drink them as the sun sets. This has been adapted by saison drinkers as a similar mark to the end of their workday. Unwinding with a slightly spicy, very dry beer. Allagash Saison is one of my absolute favorites because I love the medley of pepper and citrus together.”

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