The Essential Bottles Of Irish Whiskey To Serve At Your Next Party


The best bottles of Irish whiskey are masterpieces of the dark spirit. The subtle use of barley and sometimes even maize (corn) that’s triple distilled and aged with a nuanced barreling program (often incorporating both bourbon barrels and Oloroso sherry casks) makes for an amazing sip of whiskey.

This is the good stuff and it’s making a roaring comeback in the world of whiskey. Irish whiskey has seen a 20 percent increase in sales in the U.S. alone. That number bumps up to 30 percent in markets like East Asia. 2019 may well be Irish whiskey’s big moment (again) on the world stage, which means it’s time to buy up a few bottles for your next party.

The five bottles of Irish whiskey below are all absolute essentials to start your journey into that world. These bottles represent a broad range from north to south and points in between with variations of flavor front-and-center. Start inviting guests. Stock those shelves with whiskey. Ready the ice and soda water. Let’s go!