You Owe It To Yourself To Try Whiskey From These Small US Distilleries

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It’s a great time for whiskey lovers. New distilleries are popping up all over the country. Local, sustainable, and small-time operators are makings some excellent booze, from sea to shining sea. A great bottle of whiskey no longer has to come from a massive conglomerate half-a-country away. The best whiskey might be getting made in your own backyard.

We love to talk about whiskey around these parts because, well, there’s a lot to talk about. Big brands do tend to draw the focus of the conversation, though. And, you know what, that’s generally fine. But it doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to talk about with the small players in the distilling game too.

That’s why we’re listing our favorite small whiskey distilleries around the country. These are the local bottles that don’t have to spend days in shipping containers traveling Kentucky to Honolulu. Hopefully, you can find a few of them at your local bar or liquor store. If you’re not in the part of the country where these bottles are made or sold, maybe think about taking a summer vacation there to sample the goods.

Sons of Liberty Spirits Co. — Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s Sons of Liberty Spirits is doing something wholly unique in the distilling world. They’re distilling whiskeys that are seasonal spirits centered around seasonal beers.

The Sons of Liberty gold medal award-winning single malt American whiskey and bourbons are made with precision and grace — exhibiting how innovative thinking leads to new tastes in whiskey. Battle Cry — a single malt whiskey fermented with Belgian-style ale yeasts — and their rye-heavy (read: spicy) bourbons are fantastic bottles to have on hand for any serious whiskey drinker or cocktail mixer.

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