Famous Chefs Tell Us Where They Ate The Best Burgers Of Their Lives

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04.13.17 28 Comments

Nothing gets the yelling started like throwing out a hot take on a much loved (or hated) food. If you doubt me, why don’t you listen to me defend green pea guacamole without blurting out incoherent screams of dissent? Okay, I can’t really defend pea-guac, but you get the point. The more certain you are that a food must be universally agreed upon, the more the internet would like to undermine your certainty.

The hamburger — famous around the world — is certainly in the top tier of “foods we love to fight over.”The use of mayo inspires violence on both sides of the discussion. Ketchup is hotly contested. Even the patties themselves can bring people to blows. (Anyone who’s ever watched a cooking show knows the type of meat used and the fat ratios are critical to making the perfect burger.)

Instead of burger brawling, why not turn to famous chefs and let them point us toward the best burgers in the country? Sure, you can scream yourself hoarse with the full force of your righteous food opinions, but maybe we can at least use the people who have dedicated their entire adult lives to cuisine as a jumping off point?

Chef Oscar Cabezas – Executive chef, Teleferic Barcelona

My favorite burger can be found at the NoMad Bar in New York City. The burger is a dry-aged patty and bone marrow with cheddar cheese and a thin disk of sweet onion. Of course, the burger comes with pickles and fries on the side. For me, the burger is the perfect size, and the quality of the ingredients and texture of the meat are spectacular. Above all else, my favorite thing is that the burger is simple and delicious. I am a firm believer that less is more.

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