The Best Expensive Bottles Of Rum To Help You Live That Pirate Life

10.24.18 8 months ago


A nice glass of aged rum is a treasure. The sugarcane distillate takes on a depth of wood, spice, and mellowness the longer it stays in the barrel. Once that barrel is cracked, a great rum transports you to the beach on the back of a sea breeze.

Today we’re talking about one hell of a spirit — a drink that works wonders on its own or mixed into a cocktail. Luckily, high-end rum is fairly cheap when compared to high-end brandy or whiskey. So getting the best bottle of rum won’t cost you too much coin. All of this stuff is tasty, complex, and will warm your soul with every sip.

Let’s dive in and pick the best expensive bottles of rum to help you keep a little swashbuckling pirate/ tropic summer vibe going through the winter.

Donlon Shanks Amber Rum

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As the spirits movement grows, distilleries are starting to pop up all over the country. Out in Oregon, Cannon Beach Distillery is making some magic happen with black strap molasses. Their Donlon Shanks Amber Rum is a lovely bottle of the brown stuff — if you can get your hands on it.

The rum has a silky texture that starts out a bit nutty with an oak-forward spice. Then there’s a buttery caramel sweetness and texture with a hint of vanilla in the background. That combination is the perfect mix of rum flavors and feels.

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