The Best Expensive Bottles Of Vodka For Your Home Bar

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Vodka deserves a lot of credit. The neutral spirit is easily drinkable on its own and works as a base for pretty much any drink you want to make. Plus, a vodka and soda with a spritz of lime is one of the healthier ways to drink — if there is such a thing. The alcohol is also way cheaper than most of the barreled booze on the market. That makes it easy to buy really high-quality stuff without really breaking the bank.

The clear distillate is usually made from barley, rye, wheat, potatoes, or a mix of all of the above. When it comes out of the still, the grain spirit could turn into a gin or whiskey from that point. Instead of barreling or secondary distillation with botanicals, vodka is filtered again and again until all the inconsistencies are sanded down to a molecular level. That filtering is what gives vodka is ultra smooth and neutral edge. It also makes it cheap overall. Filtering takes very little time (think hours) compared to the years whiskey, rum, or brandy has to sit in storage to soak in all that wood essence.

Below are some of the best expensive bottles of vodka on the market that you can buy right now. Yes, they’re much different than the cheap vodkas, regardless of what your friend Brad told you. Why? Different techniques and processes make for different flavors. Still, none of these bottles even get close to the one-hundred-dollar mark. So, if you’re looking for refined booze at an accessible price, this might be your best play.

Chopin Polish Potato Vodka

Chopin’s Potato vodka is a great outlier in the flavor department. The vodka has a well-rounded and almost creamy texture to it. The velvety nature of the drink is offset by an earthy apple orchard hint, hiding way, way in the background. It’s slightly complex, gluten-free, and goddamn delicious.

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