The Best Fast Food Burgers In America, According To The Masses

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04.21.17 27 Comments


What makes a great burger? Most of us would say quality ingredients and familiar flavors. We want our cheese melted and our buns soft — it’s not rocket science. But we can’t discount the importance of convenience and nostalgia when we’re thinking about the burgers we eat on a consistent basis. There are times when we just need something that’s quick, tasty, and familiar. And, you know what, there’s nothing wrong with that. Most of us can’t afford a $20 Impossible Burger every time we catch a craving. Fast food burgers are for the everyday. They’re what we grew up with. And we all have our go-to favorites.

Over at Ranker they asked their users to rank the best fast food burgers on the market. Ten thousand people cast votes and a top ten shook out as the polls closed. Now please note: This is not “The Best Burger On Earth.” It’s more of a popularity contest. It shows what the people who were polled like the best. It’s also about the actual burger, not the restaurant — so places like Wendy’s and Five Guys actually pop up more than once.

Also, Shake Shack’s internet beloved burger came in at number 24, even though our food editor called it the best fast food burger on the planet on the Foodbeast podcast. Do with that what you will.

Without further ado, ready your barbs. The people have spoken and these are the best fast food burgers in America.


Ah, the old classic made it in the top ten. The Big Mac helped make McDonald’s one of the biggest fast food chains in the world. And even though the popularity of this hamburger sandwich has waned recently, it’s still a stone-cold classic (we like our version better though).

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