Our ‘Flights Of The Week’ Includes A $400 Trip To Milan On Emirates


We’ve been doing some flight shopping and prices are dropping across the board. This week there are especially good deals with the big name carriers to go along with the rock-bottom deals from budget airlines.

This is also a good week to earn some miles. American Airlines is running a sweepstakes that’ll award the winner with 500,000 awards miles and a cruise for two. Runners-up will receive 100,000 awards miles. All you have to do is sign up for a newsletter. This is a bit of no-brainer that could be a game changer in free flights and upgrades.

Below are some of the best deals right now. That means it’s time to strike while the iron is scorching and buy a ticket. Some of these fares will only exist for the day or even a couple hours. So now is the moment. Be spontaneous! Live a little!


Budget carrier Spirit is running $23 one way deals right now on select dates between November and February next year. You’ll have to do a little scrolling to find the best prices but you may be able to snag a super cheap flight home around Thanksgiving.

Make sure you sign up for Spirit’s $9 Fare Club to get these deals. It’s free to do so after all.


United is running a $49 (one way) sale right now on flights all over the United States. You have to act quickly. The sale ends November 9th and covers flights flown between mid-November and late-May 2018.


Iceland Air has been expanding its service between the US and Europe. That translates to great round-trip fares for you. Right now you can pick up a roundtrip between America and Europe for around $300-$400. That generally includes your seat, a bag, and even a meal — which may be cheaper than a budget airline after you add on all those extras.


The UAE’s flagship airline is often voted the best airline in the world. And, yes, it really is that much better — even in economy. Right now, they’re selling some seriously cheap roundtrip fares between the US and Europe. You can fly from New York to Milan for just over $400. Which, let’s be honest, is worth every penny on an airline experience this good.


British Airways is getting in on the flight sales with a great price on a trip from NYC to Paris for only $424 roundtrip. That includes your seat, a meal or two, and at least one checked bag. So, again, when you add up all the fees on a hard-seat budget airline, you might be saving a buck or two flying the friendly British skies.


Southwest just announced they’re inviting bands onto their flights to “entertain” passengers before take off. So, you may want to skip this deal. If not, Southwest has their $49 sale on right now. Do a little sleuthing and find a great last minute deal this month or something all the way out to next March. Hurry though, the sale ends on Thursday.


Wowair always had great deals on if you’re willing to plan a little ahead. This week they have a great deal for next spring from Boston to London for only $89 each way. If you don’t care where you sit or have a checked bag, that’s a steal.


Skyscanner’s Cheapest Flights is always awash with great deals. This week’s cheapest domestic flights start are $38 each way. From there you can snag great prices across the Caribbean, Central America, and Canada all for under $200 a ticket.


Probably the best deal right now is a flight from Los Angeles to Delhi for a mere $363 round-trip. Add on how insanely cheap it is to travel in India, and you have yourself a great deal. There are also some great deals popping up around America. But the best deal, by far, is a 2€ ($2.30) fare between Germany and Romania. If you’re already in Europe, take that flight … it’s the same price as a glass of beer.


There are some insanely cheap error fares right now between Amsterdam, Singapore, and Bali. The price tends to be around $250-$350 roundtrip. If you can snag a super cheap flight to Amsterdam on Wowair and then jump on one of these flights, you’ll be winning at the cheap airfare game.