A Plane & Train Itinerary For The Ultimate Summer Trip Through Europe

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Travel costs money. That’s unavoidable. How much it costs is up to you. You can see Europe on the proverbial shoestring or you can hop between boutique hotels and drop some serious coin at the best restaurants. Executed well, either option can have the same result: A lifetime of memories, expanded horizons, and stories to share.

So how much does it reasonably cost to travel to and around Europe in the summer of ’17? Again, that depends on you. But, thinking it costs a fortune is the wrong attitude to have. It can be affordable — especially in the age of long haul budget airlines like Norwegian and WOWair and access to great accommodation on sites like Hostelworld. Summer in Europe is within your grasp, so reach out and embrace the wanderlust.

Here’s some sample flights, trains, food, and hotels built around a five city tour. Pick your price point and hit that road!



Picking a starting point for your much-deserved vacation should be as easy as checking where the best deals are. Kayak’s Explore option allows you to set your home city and then scroll around a map with prices on various destinations. It’s easy to use and extremely useful for the budget traveler. For instance, in the above screenshot, you’ll find a great deal from Chicago to Bristol (UK) for only $350 roundtrip. That’s cheaper than many domestic flights from the Windy City.

The only rule and tip when it comes to finding flights is to shop hard online. Check WOWair, Norwegian, Delta, Kayak, Expedia. Set price alerts for your dream destinations. Do the work then — when it feels like you’ve found the best possible deal — take that leap!

Train rides are relaxing. Really really relaxing. (📷: @gobytrain )

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