This Guy’s Lucky $21,000 Upgrade Is More Proof That We All Need To Get Rich Immediately

If you’ve ever thanked every deity known to man for getting an upgrade to business and then spent the next two weeks talking about it with all your friends — three weeks if it was first class! — then you know how amazing it feels to fly the friendly skies with a bigger seat, a viewing screen that lifts up to meet you, and the possibility of an actual meal on board. But what you’ve experienced will never prepare you for the glory of what a $21,000 seat looks like.

Okay, are you ready? Because we don’t think you’re ready. Listen, we weren’t ready. Some of us actually clawed at our faces and screamed like in all those old horror movies while watching this. Because the opulence is, well…you know what? Here:

There is a door in his compartment. Repeating: there is a door in this man’s compartment that he can actually close so no one sees him eating, sleeping, or lounging around in the nude while he sips from a selection of beverages. What is this world coming to? Why are we not all flying like this?

As Cosmo points out, the man in the video above is YouTuber Casey Neistat, who you may remember from his HBO show with his brother and his video that reminded us all that love isn’t dead. His popularity — and the fact that he could potentially be showing all his fans what a first-class trip on Emirates looks like — was probably the reason that he got the upgrade. But we might also just be saying that because we’re so jealous.

Did you see the face creams? Did you see the seat being transformed into a bed? And hey, have you seen our guide for flying on the cheap? Follow enough of these tips and you might save up enough miles to take a first-class trip like this someday!