The Best Food Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

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Food is central to all of our lives. Besides sleep and work, it’s what we spend most of our time doing. Shopping for, preparing, and eating food take up huge portions of our days and nights. So it’s no wonder that food and podcasts are natural bedfellows. We’re in an era when everyone wants to eat good food and podcasts are a fantastic medium to talk about where good food is and why it’s so damn awesome.

But what’s the best food podcast to listen to? We’ve got your back there.

Below are some of our favorite podcasts … at the moment. Podcasts are constantly in a state of flux, so this list will probably be evolving along with food culture. For now, these are a few of of the best. Your food podcast recommendations are welcome in the comments!


Soleil Ho and Zahir Janmohamed host one of the most fascinating takes on food culture being recorded today. The Racist Sandwich takes a deep and non-binary dive into the politics and history of food, how words and titles are used to keep cultures in their place, and why food is so goddamn good. All of this is filtered through a bit of humor and the hosts’ experience in and around pro kitchens and the world of food writing.

Their first season wrapped up at the end of last year with 41 episodes in the bank. A fantastic place to jump in is episode 39: Namaste Motherfucker. It’s a look at the how the word “curry” is both diminutive and limiting of an entire set of varying cuisines. The episode hits every mark of what The Racist Sandwich has to offer.

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