The Best National Parks In The United States, According To The Masses


We’re less than a month from the official start of summer, Memorial Day Weekend. That long weekend means many of us are going to be hitting the road to one of our country’s great national parks. If that’s your vibe, the time to start planning is now. With 61 national parks to choose from, you’re sure to have plenty of options.

For a three-day weekend, something close to your house is a natural choice. But maybe this year it’s time to throw proximity and caution to the wind and hit a park outside our own backyard. After all, flights are cheap these days.

To figure out which parks are worth the extra mileage, we decided to check in with the masses. After over 13,000 votes on Ranker, a clear top ten “best national parks in the United States” emerged. Naturally, some well-known classics made the list, what surprised us was how many parks ended up being in the west.

Let’s dive in for some summer road tripping inspiration and debate in the comments!