The Best Hikes In The United States, According To The Masses

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With Memorial Day just around the corner, a good weekend hike should definitely be on everyone’s minds. Getting out into nature, getting some exercise, and seeing a bit of natural beauty is a great way to spend a little time, three-day weekend or not.

There are so many great options around America to enjoy nature and a hike that it’s hard to know where to start. Where is that iconic hike that’ll change your view of the outdoors? Is it in your backyard? Or maybe a little further afield?

To try to come up with some definitive answer for where the best hikes in America are found, we thought we’d poll the masses. Over at Ranker, the people had their say and a top ten list of states with amazing hikes shook out. We decided to add our favorite spots in each of the top ten states to help dial in your options.

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