The Best New Bourbons Released In Each Month Of 2019

We’re in a golden age of whiskey, especially bourbons. Every year sees a long list of new and specialty releases that’d make a great start to a collection — or add nicely to a growing collection of great bottles. The tough part is, great bottles of bourbon are released on a pretty regular schedule from huge distilleries to tiny operations in pretty much every single state in the union. There’s a ton to choose from.

That means it’s very easy to miss great bottles. Don’t worry, as the year winds down, we’ve got your back. New bourbon is always worth seeking out to expand your palate and grow your knowledge.

The list below contains the twelve bottles of bourbon that are tearing up the scene in 2019. The great thing about these releases is that they’re still available. This is new bourbon that just hit the shelves. Many of these bottles should still be floating around liquor stores and available from dealers. Others will take a little sleuthing to seek out.