The Best Science Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

07.31.18 1 year ago
best science podcasts right now


Last Updated: July 31st

Scientists are the thought leaders who will help us push society forward and, more than ever, they’re sharing their knowledge with the rest of us in creative ways, via podcasts. Suddenly, just by listening, you can be up on some serious scientific knowledge. No Ph.D. or lab hours required.

Here are the best science podcasts right now — from explorations of climate change to fun stories of what lurks in our guts.


238 Episodes

We typically forget or ignore the history of medicine, but that’s a shame — since it is often both hilarious and completely disgusting. Dr. Sydnee McElroy and Justin, her husband (and co-host of My Brother, My Brother and Me) go on a comedy journey as they explain medicine’s ugly past.

Best Episode: “Salt”, which may simultaneously be the funniest and most horrifying thing you ever listen to. Let’s just say we got a lot of things wrong about salt.

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