The Best Tech Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

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best tech podcasts right now


Last Updated: June 26th

Technology is everywhere in our lives — naturally it’s infiltrated our eardrums. But a lot of podcasts about it are either deeply technical or a little too uncritical of the industry and its moves. Still, learning about what we use, how it’s made, and why we use it helps us make better decisions, and this history behind a gadget can often affect how we approach technology.

These podcasts give you a window into the stuff that helps you live a better, more connected life.

Not Impossible

Not Impossible Labs

One of the joys of science is when it’s counterintuitive, when it produces a result contrary to what you might expect or answers a question that seemingly was never going to be settled. Not Impossible focuses on tech that’s making what seems bizarre, like seeing with your tongue or using facial recognition technology so people with spinal injuries can surf the internet.

Best Episode: “The Arm Race”, where you meet Johnny Matheny, a man who lost his arm to cancer and has been volunteering to test every strange prosthetic and gadget ever since.

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