Neil DeGrasse Tyson Blows Stephen Colbert’s Mind With Some Of The Thoughts That Keep Him Up At Night

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a divisive figure online these days, mostly due to his buzzkill nature about movies and other “fun” topics. But his popularity with Stephen Colbert has never been in question, owning the record for the most appearances on The Colbert Report and a commanding lead on The Late Show with nine appearances. That’s impressive, though Tyson trying to kill that a bit too by mentioning that he just lives close by and is easily accessible.

No matter what the truth might be, Tyson’s appearance on Friday’s show was one of his best. Not only do we get to dive into a discussion about aliens, we’re also given a mind-blowing thought about the universe that keeps Tyson up at night. This includes the possible missing chapters from our universe’s history that we missed out on and don’t have access to while creating our current understanding. It comes from the idea that the future may not have the view of the cosmos that we have today due to the expansion of the stars. If the future generations may only have the Milky Way to study, could it possible that we have already missed out on something of our own. This prompts Colbert to take his glasses off and soak it in.

It might not be nightmare fuel for everybody, but it could be an additional factor in those dreams about being buried and life continuing without you that you constantly have.

Later the pair talked about the object out in space that some are desperate to believe is an alien ship. Tyson not only pokes holes in that theory, he also kills the notion that it is a photograph. The picture that Colbert has is merely an artist rendering of this “object” and it might actually be a glob of smaller bits instead of some alien supership from outside our galaxy. He also talks a bit about the recent revelations about the Pentagon’s investigation into UFOs, focusing heavily on the “u” part of the acronym.

Both men really want to meet the aliens, though. Tyson probably a bit too much because he goes directly to the sexual experiments with Colbert.

(Via The Late Show)