The Best Travel Documentaries On Netflix That Will Motivate You To Hit The Road

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10.23.18 6 Comments
best travel documentaries on netflix right now


Last Updated: October 23rd

Sometimes you need a nudge to get out that door and hit the road. Other times you need a full-on shove. Below you’ll find a round-up the best travel documentaries on Netflix. Read, then watch to discover faraway places and the mad few who wander to the edges of the map in search of adventure.

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Expedition Happiness (2017)

German van lifers and filmmakers Felix Starck and Selima Taibi tricked out an old American school bus to Instagram-perfection and set out along the Pan-American highway from Alaska to Mexico with their trusty dog. Along the way, the duo made a doc about life on the road, van life, and the general hardships and heights of travel. Overall, this is a fascinating look at the reality versus the glossy, Instagram-perfect perception of a travel movement. Plus, it’s really fun and beautifully shot.

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Made To Be Broken (2017)

Karl Meltzer is a mad one. The ultrarunner took on the Appalachia Trail as his white whale and this doc follows Meltzer as he runs the last 2,000 miles — yes, you read that right — to break a record. The film is a testament to human endurance and spirit. If this one doesn’t get you running, it’ll certainly entice you to check out the Appalachia Trail one day.

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