These Bold Adventurers Are Driving From Alaska To Argentina In A Tricked-Out School Bus

10.12.16 3 years ago 8 Comments

Travel is a tricky mistress. You can lose sleep planning for an upcoming dance with her, but all of that tossing and turning does you no favors. You can prepare and prepare and prepare, but at some point you just have to walk blindly into the unknown, hoping for the best.

For vagabonds Selima (more commonly known by her stage name, Mogli) and Felix preparation means literally bringing everything and the kitchen sink. The couple is driving the length of the Pan-American highway, from Alaska to Argentina, in a converted school bus. Before setting off, two German natives worked tirelessly to turn the bus into an Etsy-fied, Pintrest-lover’s dream. It’s built out with a full master bedroom, working kitchen, toilet, and fully-tiled, fully-operational shower.

The two knew exactly what they wanted and made it happen. But that doesn’t mean they won’t have to adapt along the way as life throws curves at them. As Mogli and Felix continue along the long journey south, we spoke with them about “Expedition Happiness,” the pitfalls of long-term travel, and how it feels to travel in a bus that looks more like a dope-ass loft.

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