The Best Travel Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

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11.16.18 2 Comments
best travel podcasts right now

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Last Updated: November 16th

Deciding to set out on the road is rarely an easy decision, so below are some of the best travel podcasts available right now to help pique your wanderlust. These are the podcasts that’ll cover you if you want to kick it in a familiar and well-trod corner of the world or if you want to strike out and turn far-flung travel into your job. Have a listen. Live vicariously for an hour (outside your usual favorite travel bloggers and Instagrammers) and get inspired. Then go.

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Jason Moore wants to give you the tools to not only travel more but to live on the road. His podcast covers topics that are bread and butter for the young traveler. Where Moore lands a cut above the rest are his deep dives into the realities and practicalities of actually moving abroad, finding a job, and starting a new life. His pod is about far more than just taking a trip here and there. While the podcast certainly does have plenty of travel guides, Moore takes focuses on bringing in guests who are making a life of travel.

A great place to dive into Zero To Travel is the episode, Should I Go Location Independent? It’s a fantastic guide to finding a job while traveling. Imagine if you could change your venue of work to Bhutan next week. Would you? Give that episode a listen and you’ll have a clear idea what that move would require.

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