A Review Of Weed Products That Lean Into The Plant’s… More Erotic Aspects

Before we even begin, most cannabis sex products don’t get you high mentally. They’re meant to get you high physically and, more specifically, genital-ly — which should not be overlooked as one of the coolest things ever. That being said, there are a lot of different weed sex products on the market right now. They all do different things and are geared toward different consumers. Some cater to people who experience pain during sex while others are slip and slide lubes for couples looking to get wild.

To suss out what is for who (and if any of it is actually any good), I spent the week having sex with my partner (for journalism!), testing out different cannabis sex products, each representing a sub-category of this hot new product genre. Here are the five I loved best.

Oh YES! Latex-Safe Serum by Quim


I enjoyed Oh YES! by Quim to the point that I never want to have sex without it again. It ticks every box in the categories I care about when it comes to topical cannabis sex products: consistency, taste, texture, and effect.

Quim is a woman-owned brand with a killer line of intimate serums aimed at vaginal health as well as pleasure. Whereas some of the other products on this list can be enjoyed by anyone, these products are formulated for vaginas specifically and take a holistic approach to the meaning of sexual wellness.

Speaking personally, Oh YES! was pretty close to perfect. The consistency of this serum was that of a super light lotion, thin and white. The flavor was a little bitter out of the bottle, but my partner said he could barely notice when things were actually going down, no pun intended.

Whereas some weed lubes are too slippery, negating the friction necessary for sensation, this one perfectly mirrored the viscosity of natural lubrication, not too slippery and not too sticky. This serum features THC, a vasodilator that expands capillaries allowing for more blood flow and thus increased sensation and really kicked things up a notch for both of us, to say the least. In addition to being wildly effective, it’s also condom and toy safe, making it as good for casual encounters as it is for spicing up a partnership.

Bottom Line:

In a word, explosive.

Find it Here: $60

Mello Bottoms CBD Suppositories

Mello Bottoms

Mello Bottoms CBD Suppositories have long been a go-to of mine for period cramps. These full spectrum inserts are…pretty f*cking amazing, completely knocking out the horror show of mind-numbing pain that can occur at the beginning of your cycle. I had never tried them for sex, and probably never will again, given that my partner described the experience as both “shrek-like” and “having sex with an alien.”

It should be noted that these dark green, hemp-infused coconut oil suppositories are geared more towards anal sex, but intended for all kinds of use. At the time of this test, I wasn’t drunk enough to do anal, so I popped one in the front door instead. The suppository itself is delicate, rocket-shaped, and does best when frozen prior to use as they can crumble and lose shape easily. After about half an hour of laying on the couch, we gave it a go.

The last thing you ever want to hear when someone is eating you out is “ew,” and especially not an elongated “eeeewwwwwwwwwww.” I had the unique pleasure/ horror of experiencing the latter, as my partner came up with a sheen of pond scum on his face.

I then realized that green oil was everywhere, staining the sheets, and decimating the vibe. Melted weed butter was literally flowing from my body. “It looks like you’re baking weed brownies inside of you,” he said.

We tried to have sex but couldn’t stop laughing because his dick was all green and the whole thing was just too funny at that point, so I’m still not totally sure how they work for sex sensation-wise. I still imagine they work pretty well, based on how well they work for pain, but not for the faint of heart.

Bottom Line:

Amazing for pain, strange for sex. That said, I’m still recommending them highly because a pain-free woman is a woman who is far more likely to feel sexy.

Find it Here: $60

High on Love Stimulating O-Gel

Stimulating O-Gel
High on Love

The Stimulating O-Gel by High on Love brings something different to the table with its minty, winterfresh euphoria. This formulation only has CBD, not THC, meaning it is not a vasodilator and does not increase blood flow, making it better for those looking to relax during sex and relieve any pain that might be experienced in the process.

Everything about this product is over the top, from the bottle design, which looks like a sex toy, to its hilarious name (O-Gel, lol). The texture was not my favorite, sticky, tacky, pulling apart into long strings of saliva, which I guess makes sense for all intents and purposes, but looked kind of nasty.

I applied the gel and was floored by a menthol tidal wave, which felt like putting icy hot on your genitals or dunking your butt in peppermint oil. It was, in a word, intense. The flavor was also intense, a minty sugar that my partner said he didn’t hate but thought was unnecessarily strong.

Once things got going, the minty feeling was distracting and got in the way of fostering an intimate connection with my partner. It overpowered pretty much any other sensation, to the point that I wondered if I’d be able to cum at all. When the time did come, and it did, the mint feeling enhanced the orgasm a lot, living up to its name.

Bottom Line:

Due to the intensity of the menthol feeling being both distracting and enhancing, I am recommending this most highly for solo play.

Find it Here: $45

Sexpot Infused Mini Prerolls by Perfect Blends

Sexpot Infused Prerolls
Perfect Blends

Though I’m not sure how they work scientifically, the Sexpot Infused Mini Prerolls by Perfect Blends are doing something right. Perfect Blends is a brand that mixes 3-4 different types of mechanically ground flower with an oil blend and added terpenes, creating various effect-based product lines that include mini joints and small jars of shake mixture.

The website is pretty vague regarding ingredients and where the flower comes from, but it does say that this blend contains “a rich formulation of terpenes and minor cannabinoids –including CBDA and CBDV– to help offset the unwanted effects of THC.”

These are impossibly small joints, the pack of three weighing only a gram. I would say we each took about three hits before it was done. The dry hit was surprisingly flavorful in a kind of synthetic, syrupy way, with notes of clove, red candy, black cherry, and currant. You can definitely taste the added terpenes more than the weed itself.

I lit the tiny joint, and was met with a rush of spicy, fruity, woody flavors, giving a “log cabin at Christmas” energy. The experience of smoking the joint itself was kind of sensual. Thick, languid smoke, with a lush, dark red flavor.

The high was smooth, rushing through my body and mind. Everything about this joint hit hard and heavy, titillating and tingling. We both felt aroused and were shocked at how well these worked. My mind felt melty and far away, transcending into sexual dreamland. While I’m still not sure what, something about these made our fire burn hot and fast, just like the joint itself.

Bottom Line:

Great for stoner couples looking to elevate their mind-body connection in more ways than one.

Find it Here: $20

Velvet Swing

Velvet Swing
Velvet Swing

Velvet Swing is one of the most OG weed lubes out there, formulated by a Seattle-based dominatrix named Mistress Matisse who found herself dissatisfied with the other products on the market, and wanted something for personal use.

This one is unique in that it has a THC:CBD ratio of 3:1, meaning plenty of THC to get the blood flowing, with the addition of CBD to relax and ease discomfort. The consistency was like a light lotion, which I found to be really nice, though I didn’t love the color, which was a skin-toned taupe that unsettled me a tad. The taste was tangy out of the bottle, but my partner said it didn’t bother him.

Dubbed “liquid foreplay,” I found Velvet Swing to be more effective for warming up than for sex itself. It worked so well that it almost became too slippery for sex, in that the slipperiness eclipsed the feeling itself because there was not enough friction to keep things interesting. For oral, however, it was fucking amazing — I can’t recommend it enough. It’s also toy and condom safe, which lends itself to the overall vibe, as everything about this product is geared for light-hearted, freaky fun.

Bottom Line:

A tried and true weed lube for the freak-a-leaks in all of us.

Find it Here: $30