The Perfect Cannabis Product For Various Everyday Activities

Every good stoner knows there’s a type of cannabis consumption for every occasion. Sex, sleep, creativity — there’s a weed for that. And with more brands on the legal market than ever before and celebrities racing to enter the space with high-end white labeled offerings, finding the smokable, edible, dab-able, etc. to fit your mood takes some effort.

Especially if you’re an “enhancement smoker,” like Jon Stewart’s character in Half Baked. Someone who “thinks marijuana makes every activity that much better.” Because it means you’ve got a lot of situations that you need to find the right weed for.

You know who else is an enhancement smoker? Me.

I believe that at the right dose and with the right delivery method there’s a sweet spot where most of life can be more enjoyable thanks to the presence of cannabinoids. And since I’ve been developing my various methods of enhancement for years now, I thought it might be time to share a few. Below you’ll find 20 occasions for getting high, paired with 20 different cannabis products that are guaranteed to provide an elevated experience.

For Your Evenings at the Dog Park — Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls

Courtesy of Dogwalkers

Dogwalkers pre-rolls

Dogwalkers cannabis pre-rolls are made from flower harvested at peak freshness, expertly packed, twisted, and weighed to ensure quality and consistency. Dogwalkers pre-rolls are intentionally sized to offer optimal experience for a range of needs. The 0.35g Mini Dog comes in a five-pack of pre-rolls, or choose the more robust 0.75g Big Dog single format pre-roll.

Bottom line:

These are ideal for those longer spacey, daydreaming walks with your pup. Or cat. No judgment.

For A Good Hair Day — Frigg’s Attuning Hair Potion

This multifunctional oil is designed for dry, itchy scalps and for dry hair that needs a moisture boost. It’s also great for those who wear tight hairstyles or use intense chemical processes on their hair. Rich in antioxidants and the Omega 3-6-9 complex, it combines eight responsibly sourced botanical oils. 300-milligrams CBD and CBG are intended to target inflammation and soothe the scalp.

Bottom line:

This good-for-everything oil can be used as a hair mask, scalp oil, strand oil, scalp scrub (with salt or sugar), or for hair extension care.

To Flex With The Best Weed — Connected’s Slow Lane Cultivar

Connected is easily one of the top cannabis brands in California. Slow Lane, one of their best strains and the first to win the best indoor prize at the 2021 Emerald Cup, is a pair between Connected’s Biscotti and Sugar Cone strains. Think of a Ferrero Rocher — in a joint.

The first pull is creamy and heavy — that’s from the Sugar cone — and the second is smooth and savory, thanks to the Biscotti. This strain is purple through and through, in look, smell, and taste.

Bottom line:

Overall, this strain provides a deep body high that will leave your eyelids heavy and your body sinking into the couch. That’s a good thing. There’s a euphoric head high, too, if you’re not too mellow to notice it.

When You Are Out For The Day and Not Sure Where You’ll End Up — Hervé Le Mirage

Le Mirage is the French company Hervé’s newest line of sublingual hard candies that are 100% vegan, gluten-free, have no sugar added, and are just 2 calories per serving. Le Mirage comes in 25mg THC Only Sour collection in sour green apple, sour cherry, and sour peach and their premium 25mg THC & 25mg CBD Full Spectrum Line in Peppermint. Each dose of Le Mirage is 5 mg and comes in a strip of hard candy that is notched, easily dosable, and resealable.

Bottom line:

Its sleek packaging and hard candy appearance make the Le Mirage line ideal for people on the go. They are discreet but pack a punch and are able to be layered for higher dosing, should the day’s events kick into high gear.

For When You Want To Feel Like a Hippie — Barbari Herbal Blends

Barbari makes high-quality effect-based botanical blends to be smoked or steeped in tea on their own or to be mixed with cannabis. Barbari’s Herbal Blend Car Sex, for example, is made with white sage and mullein, two herbs that, when smoked, have relaxing effects but also can be used to reduce respiratory inflammation and are known to help soothe the sinuses (allergies, anyone?).

A bonus? The herbs also taste delicious.

Bottom line:

For anyone looking for a different kind of high with more muted effects, smoking cannabis and other herbals is the move. The tastes and smells offer a break from smoking just straight flower all the time.

For a Painting, Pottery, or Any Kind of Visual Art Experience — Canndescent Create Pre-Rolls

When it’s time to get creative, like when painting or doing pottery, find a muse in Canndescent’s Create pre-rolled joints. The brand, which produces high-quality indoor flower that is labeled according to feeling, rather than a cheeky strain name or anything else, releases few details about the genetics behind the flower.

But rest assured that Canndescent’s Create strain produces an engaging but uplifting high that gets the mind and body moving.

Bottom line:

These pre-rolls are available in single effect 1-gram or single effect mini pre-roll six-pack boxes.

For When You Want To Feel Fancy — Her Highness Grindzilla grinder

Her Highness, which boasts a full-THC line in California as well as CBD and accessories lines, makes a high fashion gold electroplated grinder that’s fit for a queen. Gold lizards snake together on the top and a geometric, industrial shape give it some edge. It has a kief catcher, too, as all the best grinders do. This is for grinding and rolling in high style.

Bottom line:

In addition to being beautiful, it’s also easy to clean, thanks to the electroplating. Just stick it in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes, and everything falls off.

For When You’re Ready To Get Your First Post-Pandemic Massage — Papa & Barkley’s 1:3 Releaf Body Oil

Papa & Barkley’s fast-absorbing, lightweight Releaf Body Oil has a 1:3 ratio of CBD to THC, feels smooth on skin and works to reduce muscle tension. The therapeutic blend of essential oils is combined with full-spectrum cannabinoids that leverage the natural power of the whole plant.

Bottom line:

This oil is perfect for localized topical joint care or broad coverage to massage into and soothe aching muscles or the whole body.

For When You Want to Smoke Weed, But Not ReallyLadies of Paradise Lady Jays Hemp Joints

Manufactured and co-branded in association with handpicked Oregon growers, Lady Jays is a line of CBD and CBG pre-rolls and flower from the ever-stylish Ladies of Paradise creative agency. These joints won’t get you high but they do provide a nice cigarette replacement, as well as a good excuse to take a midday break without worrying about the effects. Three cents from every purchase is donated to various nonprofits and charities that Ladies of Paradise supports, too.

Bottom line: For all the fun of smoking weed with none of the high (except for a relaxing effect), CBD and CBG joints, made from hemp, are the move.

For When You Want To Geek Out On Tech — Cloudious9 GRAVI7Y Bundle

The Cloudious9 GRAVI7y cannabis bundles combine two product groupings — the first of their kind to include consumption hardware and legally sold flower. The idea behind the was to bring the flower and gear shopping experiences together. They end up in the same place, so why not roll it up into one product bundle?

Shoppers have a choice of either three different strains of indoor or mixed-light flower, which is sold in one gram increments, and Cloudious9’s premium flower vaporizer or automated grinder.

Bottom line:

If you’re a more mobile person, get the vaporizer. For those who need their smoking process to be more streamlined, the automated grinder is the move.

When You’re Heading to the Farmer’s Market — Kanha Nano Vegan Gummies

Whether you’re true to the plant-based lifestyle or newly vegan, it can be hard to find treats that meet dietary restrictions. Kanha is one of the top-selling cannabis edibles in California and their Nano Vegan gummies are full-spectrum and vegan, making them one of the healthiest and tastiest edibles on the market.

Bottom line:

The gummies utilize fast-acting nanomolecular technology and maintain Kanha’s signature soft texture, so these are good for any last-minute adventures, like browsing a market.

For When Your Stash Bag is Your Actual Bag — Rogue Paq Ritual Case

Rogue Paq’s lambskin smell-proof stash bags are some of the most stylish and discreet in the biz. Missing any cheesy bells or whistles, the roll-up carrying case with a detachable zip bag carries like a clutch and is made in an androgynous style, which will appeal to all styles and sensibilities. The aptly-named Ritual Case is ideal for anyone who needs options — there’s plenty of room for papers, flower, tools, joints, a vaporizer, a lighter, and other smoking goodies.

Bottom line:

The bags also come customized–embossed with a cannabis leaf and a monogram are the most popular styles.

For When You Wake Up in the Middle of the Night and Can’t Fall Back to Sleep — PLUS Sleep Cloudberry

Made with 5-milligrams THC, 1-milligram CBN, and 1-milligram CBD per piece to engage the body’s endocannabinoid system and support natural circadian rhythms, these Plus gummies will help anyone fall into a deep restful sleep.

Bottom line:

Can’t stop scrolling Twitter? Pop one of these, drink a large glass of water (cannabis edibles can cause dehydration) and tuck yourself into bed.

Find PLUS Sleep Cloudberry here.

For When You Feel Like Cooking…With WeedArdent FX

The Ardent FX can also be called the “Easy Bake cannabis oven.” This all-in-one, portable cannabis kitchen fully activates any plant material — like herb or hemp flower, kief, or concentrate — and has settings to infuse, cook and bake right inside. With the push of a button, the FX allows you to decarboxylate (the heating process that activates cannabinoids) THC, CBD, CBG and infuse oils, milks, and creams, and bake edibles.

Bottom line:

This odorless, extremely easy-to-use portable oven ensures that anyone, regardless of how good or bad they might be in the kitchen, can make their own edibles and oils.

For When You Want To Hang But You Don’t Want To Drink — ALT liquid cannabis drink mixer

ALT (Advanced Liquid Technology) is a liquid cannabis drink mixer designed to be added to any beverage of choice for a totally customizable experience, right down to the dosing. ALT is available in 5mg and 10mg formulations and allows the user to choose their perfect dose, thanks to the pre-measured markings on the side of each vial, and the 1mg dose control cap.

The high is potent and euphoric, with both head and body changes. The onset is quick, too — just 5-15 minutes, on average.

Bottom line:

Stick one of these vials in a pocket or bag and spike your own drink with liquid cannabis shots.

For When You Don’t Want to Smoke — PAX Labs Era Life

PAX Labs recently launched the Era Life, which was created for the on-the-go consumer. Similar to the popular Era device, the Era Life features a high-performing battery and an even sleeker design than the OG, if that’s possible.

Any PAX Era pods will also work with this device and it comes in four new colors: onyx, grass, blaze and indigo.

Bottom line:

Pax is one of the best portable vaporizer makers in the biz. Everything they make is worth a spin. This is easy to transport anywhere and almost looks like a Juul apparatus, meaning those who want to puff in peace can do so without inviting additional scrutiny.

Find Pax Era Life pods here.

For When You Want To Visit The Moon — Space Coyote Infused Joints

Space Coyote is a cannabis company in a groove all their own. Space Coyote’s infused joints combine high potency herb and delicious, out of this world extracts — diamonds, live resin, and hash are all possible options. Crafted for stoners by stoners, Space Coyote celebrates art, equality, and the psychedelic side of cannabis by engaging in collaborations with cultivators, extract brands, and artists.

Bottom line:

The high from a Space Coyote infused joint is intense — adding concentrates to anything kicks a normal high up several notches. Save this one for a special event when you want to feel out of this world.

Find Space Coyote Infused Joints here.

For Watching TV — Dunder Splifflin Rolling Papers

Fans of The Office will love Dunder Splifflin’s cheeky rolling paper and accessories line, which riffs off of the name of the fictional paper company where the lovable crew of misfits works on-screen. For those who don’t like to roll, Dunder Splifflin also sells branded hoodies, grinders, dab tools, and rolling trays.

Bottom line:

There’s nothing better than getting in character sometimes, but dressing up as an office worker just to watch TV is admittedly not all that fun after a while. Roll one up Michael Scott-style and sink into the couch, instead.

For When You Want to Have Sex — Humboldt Apothecary’s Love Potion No. 7

THC is a vasodilator, which means it widens blood vessels and increases blood flow. That just happens to also be the physical process that creates an orgasm, especially for those with vaginas. Love potions may or may not be real, but this tincture is one of the best stabs at one.

Humboldt Apothecary’s Love Potion No. 7, which is taken orally or can be applied to genitals directly, increases euphoria and supports blood flow to the nether regions, resulting in higher physical arousal and potentially stronger and longer-sustained orgasms. There is 250mg THC in the bottle, total, which works out to about 8.4mg per dropper. For those who need help dulling pain, there is also a CBD option.

Additional botanicals provide a tingling feeling, also heightening arousal.

Bottom line:

Using this oil on genitals will not result in a high, but it will result in increased sensation. Taking it orally will definitely give you a buzz, depending on your tolerance. Choose your own sex adventure with this versatile oil.

For When You Want To Freshen Up — Kin Slips sublingual strips

Kin Slips’ sublingual strips, which come in 20-packs of 5-milligram film squares akin to Listerine strips, are a nice way to get stoned without needing to smoke or vape. The 10-milligram strips also come in 10-packs. They also come without the sugar-punch or slow onset time of an edible, but with all the same effects. These translucent strips are intended to be placed under the tongue for fast absorption — usually within minutes.

Bottom line:

The best part? These leave a minty taste in the mouth. Combining hygiene with a mellow high is a winning combination.

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