Go ‘Full July’ With These Bartender-Approved Whiskey And S’more Combos

07.19.19 1 month ago

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Either you “get” the magic of camping or you don’t. We can only take you so far — setting you up with dreamy swimming holes in every single state and hyping you on the best beers to drink around a campfire. If those things don’t turn you on, we probably can’t help you. Unless you’re right on the fence. In that case, perhaps we can turn the tide with one simple dessert: s’mores.

This summer staple consisting of a fire toasted marshmallow resting on a piece of melty milk chocolate (or a peanut butter cup if you’re into that sort of thing) between a sandwich of graham crackers is outdoor culinary perfection. But since we’re dead set on making summer ’19 extra AF, we’ve decided you should go a step further — pairing this chocolate-centric treat with whiskey.

To find the right matchups, we asked some of our favorite bartenders for help. Check their answers below!


Kelly McGee, Beverage Manager at Park Avenue Tavern in New York City

My favorite whiskey/bourbon to pair with a s’more is probably Blanton’s. Smooth and savory to go along with the sweetness of the chocolate and marshmallow.

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