Burger King’s New Offering Is An Unholy Trinity Of Meats

It’s a competitive playing field in the world of burgers these days. We the consumers have nearly universal access to cheap beef inside in a bun, and Burger King, never one to be left behind, has been whipping up some crazy concoctions lately. While the Whopperito may be considered genius by some and terrible by others, Burger King New Zealand has taken it one step further with their new Meatatarian (sigh) movement.

The crown prince of the Meatatarian menu is the Full Meaty, a burger stacked with two beef patties with cheese, a fried chicken patty, and six strips of back bacon — that’s the bacon that’s more ham than bacon to us Americans. The burger also has onions, which the chain’s website helpfully points out is a “vegetable.” So, um, take that vegetarians…?

Our only question is whether anyone’s clamoring for what’s basically a double bacon barbecue burger with a piece of fried chicken in it. Have any of us ever stopped for a burger and thought, “You know what would make this burger more awesome? A chicken schnitzel!” (On second though, that’s a pretty solid pitch.)

If you’ve decided to get this rodeo we call life over as quickly as possible and you’re not in New Zealand, you can Have It Your Way® and make a Frankenstein version at your own Burger King by asking for a chicken patty added to your BBQ Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

(Via Brand Eating)