Burger King Is Testing Out ‘Mac-N-Cheetos’ Sticks

Cheetos seems to be the dream fast food ingredient these days. First Taco Bell started inserting everyone’s favorite stick-shaped cheese snack into its Crunchwraps, and now Burger King has hopped onto the trend. And, oh yeah, they’ve taken it one step further: Mac-N-Cheetos, anyone?

It seems like a logical mind jump to make. You’re chowing down on a bowl full of melty mac ’n cheese, possibly under the influence of an illicit substance that makes your food taste all the more delicious, when you think, “You know what would take this to the next level? If I crunched up some Cheetos and sprinkled them over this delicious dish of pasta and cheese. I would call it…mac-n-Cheetos. Genius.”

Burger King’s version of the stoner’s great idea comes in what looks to be fried stick form: a Cheetos-like exterior gives way to a mac ’n cheese-stuffed interior. Food Beast got their hands on the product, currently only being tested in the Southern California market, and said that the combination is “straight out of a Tym Bussanich wet dream.”

Of course, we’re not saying any drugs were involved in the creation of the Mac-N-Cheetos sticks. But they do seem to be the perfect marketing ploy to get customers in the door, if Burger King decides to launch the product nationally.

And we sure do hope the Mac-N-Cheetos goes national. Because we can’t wait to try Flamin’ Hot Mac-N-Cheetos, the inevitable successor.

Check out Foodbeast’s video of the Mac-N-Cheetos experience below: