Burger King Is Trying To Tap Into Your Food Obsessions With ‘The Angriest Whopper’

If you’re Burger King, how do you get over a horse meat scandal? There’s one surefire trick: To the artificially colored bun mobile!

That’s right, friends, the wave of success that came from those black buns that turned people’s poop green was apparently so massive that you can now order an Angriest Whopper at your neighborhood BK and get a burger with a bun colored bright red. You see, they bake some hot sauce right inside that bad boy so that your whopper, also fixed with jalapeños, “flaming onion petals,” and — ahem, “spicy angry sauce” — will taste extra mean. Grrrrr! Aggressive food! Yummy.

Burger King released a statement in support of its new concoction, which reads:

“This alarmingly delicious burger is sure to disprove the commonly held belief that a sequel is never as good as the original.”

Because Americans love hot sauce! So, bake it into a bun so that it’s no longer a sauce!

Look, maybe you love super spicy artificial flavors and that’s totally cool (if so, KFC has some Nashville chicken for you). But the thing about the black buns and the green poop wasn’t a joke. It really happened with BK’s Halloween Whopper, which had A-1 baked into the bun. Expect the red poop narratives soon!