Want To Stay Healthy Forever? Here’s The Best Advice From The World’s Fittest 96-Year-Old

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04.11.16 2 Comments

Every day, we’re reminded that the human life span is growing longer and that we should start taking care of our bodies as quickly as possible. But while supermodels and athletes in their 20s are excellent inspiration for taking a walk and maybe only having three slices of pizza at dinner (no one here is giving up pizza entirely), hearing from someone who has a wealth of experience in staying healthy while living to 96 — as opposed to nabbing good genes and drinking three Dr. Peppers a day — may be just what you need to kickstart your “health adventure” (as people call it; not me, but people). Especially when that 96-year-old is still running races and trying to break world records.

Meet Charles Eugster, a former British dentist who, Vice reports, holds numerous world records in sprinting. Not only that, but the dude is into all kinds of sports — including wakeboarding and rowing — as well as writing, motivational speaking, and fashion design. With those kinds of hobbies, he might live forever… and he only started nine years ago.

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