Chipotle Secretly Changed Everyone’s Least Favorite Menu Item


K so, queso is not one of Chipotle’s strong suits. When the initial queso recipe debuted in September, orders peaked then dramatically declined after customers actually tasted it. Some even described the gritty concoction as a “crime against cheese,” or the even more disgusting, “dumpster juice.” Now, in a last ditch effort to save the menu item no one orders, Chipotle changed the queso recipe to something that is hopefully a bit more palatable.

If you’ve ever left Chipotle queso sitting out, you may have noticed that when you return to it you will find a sort of congealed, gooey, lumpy, chunky mess instead of a proper dip. The new recipe has also done away with that science experiment of a cheese soup and opted for something that is a little less grainy and way more scoopable. The flavors have also been tweaked a bit, leaving out the smokiness and opting for a more heat to permeate the whole of the dip.

The queso revamp may be a setup for Chipotle to dabbling in nachos, a dish that deserves a good queso. Nachos have always been an official order with customers just ordering chips and fixin’s, but Chipotle just added nachos to the menu in its Manhattan test kitchen, for $4.80. Chips are covered with queso and anything else the customer would get in a normal bowl or burrito, sans rice.

Hopefully, this will restore Chipotle’s good name after the E. Coli scandal of 2015, and the company will return to its former fast food glory. If the attempt doesn’t work, we know who’s got next.