The Reviews Are Pouring In For Chipotle’s New Queso, And They Are Fiercely Against The ‘Crime Against Cheese’

Chipotle’s queso, seemingly 24 years in the making, has finally been released nationwide and frequenters of the Mexican chain seem almost universally underwhelmed by the “crime against cheese.”

The massive conduit of burrito and other white-washed eats from south of the border traditionally has a solid take on all things Mexican food. The guacamole is tasty and fresh, and few people are left unsatisfied by their tacos and burrito bowls (unless, of course, they contracted a foodborne illness by eating there). But the queso, unleashed to the masses just 24 hours ago, is teeing up criticism for a company that truly needs to avoid it at this time.

Dozens of Yelp reviews have already been posted, describing the cheese as “gritty and bland,” while Twitter is on fire with the passion of a thousand suns, wishing away the “cheddar broccoli soup but worse.”

Drew Magary of GQwas able to put the harsh reviews into context, saying that it was “perfectly fine queso” but explained that queso, even when it’s bad, “it’s still pretty terrific to me.” He did follow-up by saying it wasn’t worth ordering if you had a queso hookup anywhere else in town, so we can all infer that Chipotle is merely supplying queso desperate junkies with a hit, should they need it. But for those that like their melted cheese and meat to be of the highest quality (or even medium-quality), there are plenty of reviews that weren’t so nice about it:

Maybe this roll-out is just Queso Phase One, or maybe Chipotle, normally a company that revels in its high-quality ingredients, have dropped the ball.