Chipotle Is Hoping That Your Love For Chorizo Will Correct Its Recent Losses

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. To Go Orders Ahead Of Earnings Figures
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Despite the CDC’s proclamation that Chipotle is once again safe to eat, people remain skeptical. To apologize and lure customers back into stores, Chipotle tried giving away free burritos back in February, a move that was mildly successful. Now, Chipotle’s desperation is growing and the shrinking burrito giant has decided to add chorizo to its notoriously simple menu.

For those of you who’ve never had chorizo, the meat fusion is a sausagey combination of spicy pork and chicken. It is often served in tacos, as a breakfast meat, and in soups. Chipotle hopes that adding a new meat option will attract its most loyal customers. We’re not so sure.

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On Tuesday, Chipotle reported that revenue has dropped 23.4% in the first quarter and same-store sales dropped almost 30%, according to Business Insider.  And it’s with reluctance (and necessity) that Chipotle decided to make these rare changes to their menu. So rare, in fact, that the only other change Chipotle has made since opening their first store 23 years ago was adding tofu sofritas in 2014. How about that, Chipotle has been open for over two decades!

Chorizo is only the first of several new items expected to appear alongside your favorite burrito additives. But the company’s co-CEO insists Chipotle is being mindful of the menu’s notorious simplicity. Chipotle prides its success on fresh products and endless food combinations suitable for all tastes with just a handful of ingredients. That being said, we’re pretty sure you won’t be seeing any Cadbury Creme Egg burrito bowls popping up any time soon.

(Via Business Insider)