Here Are The Keys To Not Ruining Your 4th Of July BBQ

and 07.03.17 10 months ago 27 Comments


We want so much for you at Uproxx Life. We want you to eat well, we want you to travel often, and we want you to drink the best beers on earth. But more than any of that, we want you to not poison all of your friends and family at the 4th of July BBQ. We really want that. We want you to not ruin everything and get people sick, too.

Instead, we want to help you look like a goddamn cookout god. So we’re making it really, really easy. Just follow these rules!


Grilling is about the fire. If you’re using a gas grill, this is pretty easy to control and manipulate to your cooking whims. If you’re using coal or wood or some combination of both, you’re going to have to A) be more patient and B) be more attentive. Now, we’re not saying that if you’re cooking with gas you can just throw some meat on the grill and go play a little touch football. That shit’s going to need your attention too.

If you’re using coals and wood, start you fire early. You want the coals to be burning red and producing good, steady heat before anything touches the grill. Some say start those coals a good hour before you put any meat to the flame. That’s probably not the worst advice out there. Likewise, with gas, let your grill preheat properly. If you don’t have a temperature gauge on the grill hood, run down to the hardware store and buy one. Which leads us to… -ZJ

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