Crystal Pepsi Is Back But It Sadly Won’t Be In Stores For Long

The 23-year wait to get your hands on a crisp and refreshing taste of early ’90s nostalgia is finally over; if you weren’t a fan of Hi-C Ecto Cooler that is. Pepsi Co. on Monday began their official U.S. rollout for Crystal Pepsi, a soft drink that baffled the minds of many soda drinkers when the product was launched during the the height of the ‘clear beverage craze’ back when people actually bought and drank Zima.

According to Fortune, the 2016 relaunch will only be available in stores for a “limited time” just like the original version. Crystal Pepsi in the early 1990’s was pretty much a failure product that Van Halen couldn’t even save, but just like back when the product first launched there are people who are in love with Crystal Pepsi and folks who would rather chug a vintage 2002 bottle of Pepsi Blue. So what does it taste like? Well, it tastes like how it did back in 1992, which is just like regular brown Pepsi.

Despite the national launch, several people are having a difficult time trying to find the reboot soda.

Once Crystal Pepsi leaves us again, what retro soft drink should fill the void? We already have Surge, so we think it’s time for Orbitz to make its return.

(Via Fortune)