Drinking Vacations That’ll Make Your College Spring Breaks Look Tame

03.10.17 2 years ago

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If you’ve graduated college recently, there are probably tons of things you miss. Like having all of your best friends living within a mile or two, classes that don’t start until noon, and school breaks where there’s nothing to think or worry about except where you’re getting your next drink. And the one after that…and after that. And then where to get a burrito at 3am. It was questions like these that kept you up at night (that and the fact that the room was spinning).

School breaks were the best — whole swaths of time where you could just pound drink after drink, lie tipsy on the beach, and make out with that fellow coed whose name you can’t remember but was definitely in your Psych 101 class…probably.
Those were the days.

So as an officially unleashed-on-the-world adult, it may feel like all that fun is over. You may think you have to give up all the spring break debauchery in which you made poor life choices while your parents footed the bill. But we’re here to tell you that’s simply not true! Because while we can’t make your parents pay for your trip to Cancun anymore (Oh I’m cut off from your credit card now that I’m an “adult”? Good luck trying to get me to pay for your nursing home,dad!), we can tell you about some of the coolest drinking vacations in the world.

Hey, just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t have a tipsy sprang breeeeeeeeeeeeak filled with tequila shots and dancing. And these trips will make you feel classy while you’re getting your party on.


Go to a Festival Devoted Entirely to Whisky

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There’s nothing that seems more adult than knowing your way around a good whisky. I don’t even think it’s possible to be considered a drunk if you’ve been drinking excellent scotch. You’re just a high powered business man sitting in his all leather office and unwinding with 5-7 drinks on a Tuesday. And the Speyside area of Scotland (just north of the Highlands) has the highest amount of Scotch whisky distilleries on earth. So if you want to get your Ron Swanson vibe popping this spring break you have to head to The Spirit of Speyside Festival.

The fest runs April 27th- May 1st and invites all whisky lovers (whether an expert or a novice) to celebrate single malt whiskies.

It’s no trifling matter, either (though there will be trifles being served). The festival has over 500 different events all centered around imbibing some of the best whisky in the world. Events include tours at distilleries that aren’t usually open to the public, auctions for rare bottles, tastings, talks, food, music, and even whisky-themed outdoor adventures. All while exploring gorgeous northern Scotland.

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