Last Second Whisky And Bourbon Gift Ideas For The 2016 Holiday Season

If you’re still searching for a decent gift idea for a friend, family member, or coworker, you can rarely go wrong with booze. (Of course, please at least do some digging to consider possible health and wellness-related issues.) But if you’re the type of person whose first thought is to swing by the wine aisle and grab a bottle of Three Buck Chuck, let’s pump the brakes and consider your better, more delicious options. Specifically, the sweet brown, golden goodness that is whisk(e)y.

Bourbon snobs and label chasers will tell you that Bourbon A is better than Bourbon B, C, and D or that John Q. Ryemaker, for $70 more, offers a smoother taste in a bottle that was hand-crafted by a fingerless nun in the mountains of San Bonerbarge. But we don’t have time for that, as the holiday season is already squatting over us. Instead, here are some personal favorites that just might make you the big winner at your company’s Secret Santa exchange. (Especially since Barb from HR is giving out framed pictures of her cat again this year. No one cares about Doctor Whiskers, Barb.)