Oreo Just Dropped Its Most Explosive Flavor Yet (And They’re Having A New Flavor Contest)

Just in time for Memorial Day, Oreo has dropped its most explosive flavor yet. In recent years, the beloved cookie brand has released some really strange flavors including Swedish Fish, Peeps, Blueberry Pie, and even Limeade. Now, they’ve topped them all with the launch of Fire Work Oreos.

The makers of Marshmallow Crispy Oreos are adding sizzle with the candy of your youth: Pop Rocks. The same crackling, popping, mysterious candy that you absolutely can’t have while chugging Coca-Cola because you will immediately die.

If you didn’t already know, Oreo has something that they refer to as the “Wonder Vault.” It’s kind of like the Disney Vault, but instead of housing famous cartoons (and potentially the frozen head of Walt Disney), this “vault” was designed to pump out strange (and occasionally delicious) Oreo creations. Sometimes, the flavor choices end up a bit over the top and don’t really stay true to the Oreo flavors we all know and love.

In the case of Fire Works Oreos, they kept the original recipe the same. It starts with the chocolate cookie wafer everyone expects from Oreo. But, instead of the usual vanilla cream, this version has Pop Rocks mixed in. It’s not exactly rocket science.

Just as the Fire Work Oreos hit shelves, the brand is also launching a #MyOreoCreation. They want you to tell them what they should make next. If they like your idea, not only will it make its way onto shelves next year, but you’ll also win $500k and get VIP access to all of Oreo’s newest creations and “top-secret” prototypes. So, you might get to try something that nobody else will ever get to try. That’s reason enough to take a shot at this contest — which only lasts until July 14th, so submit your ideas before then.

What will you come up with? Maybe head back down the nostalgia road and try something incorporating Nerds, Sour Patch Kids, or Atomic Warheads. If they can make Swedish Fish Oreos, why not one of those? Just go crazy. We’ve seen that Oreo has a taste for the weird and not necessarily palatable-sounding.