You’re Going To Want To Visit This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Bar Stocked With Frey Meat Pies And Dornish Wine

There are almost as many food and drink references on HBO’s Game of Thrones as bloody battles between Lannisters and Starks. Almost every character is seen with a cup (likely full of wine) in his or her hands countless times throughout the series. Tyrion Lannister loves his wine even more than he enjoys the company of women. Heck, it’s one of the most memorable aspects of his character: the fact that he loves to drink. Even Walder Frey threw a rather epic soiree to celebrate the wedding of his daughter. I’m sure the food and drinks were…to die for. (NEVER sorry!)

Eating and drinking is almost as much a character of the show as Hodor was (RIP). We’ve already seen Game of Thrones Beer and official Game of Thrones wine. It was only a matter of time before someone opened a bar to honor the hit HBO show.

A pop-up bar in Edinburgh, Scotland called Blood & Wine recently opened to more fanfare than the beheading of Ned Stark. The bar, located underneath the Daylight Robbery bar on Dublin Street in the Scottish city, is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from January through February.

Blood & Wine (strong name) features wine, spirits and infusions (cocktails in Westeros). It’s the brainchild of “The Pop Up Geeks”, a group that creates a different themed pop-up bar in Edinburgh every month. This month just happens to be an homage to the Seven Kingdoms. It’s decorated to look like a pub that wouldn’t be out of place in Dorne, Kings Landing or even Winterfell.

The menu is made up of delights that could wipe a scowl off Cersei Lannister’s face and were based on beverages that George R.R. Martin mentioned in the various books in the series. The menu even has descriptions written by the author to help explain what you are imbibing.

Drinks include: a flight of the wines of the Seven Kingdoms, Tyroshi Pear Brandy and even Old Bears Hot Spiced Wine. You can even try some Icelandic Mountain Vodka, a brand owned by Hafþór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson, the giant actor who plays The Mountain on the series.

It wouldn’t be an authentic Game of Thrones experience if there wasn’t any food. In a meal that would make any Wildling happy, you can purchase a whole pig leg. There are other things on the menu if that seems like too much food for someone from south of the Wall. Feeling peckish? Order some of Frey’s meat pies. Just don’t ask what they’re made of.