A Simple Kitchen Hack Has People Freaking Hyped About Peeling Garlic


Peeling garlic seems to be one of those kitchen tasks that everyone hates doing. Ask someone helping you in the kitchen to get started on the garlic, and they’ll just look at you like “Really dude? C’mon, anything else.”

Worse than those folks though, is the garlic aficionado. This piece of work just can’t wait to tell you their method. There is the brutalist, “Nah, you gotta smash it with the knife,” the purist, “Throw that sucker in whole clove, I have a grandpa who eats garlic by the cloves and he’s pushing 90, he has no friends but he’s still alive!” and the device-freak “The best way to handle garlic is with a garlic press that costs $18 dollars you amateurs.”

Until today. The internet may have just found the only garlic expert worth listening to in Valentina Lord, or @VPestilenZ — who seems to be working with the cleanest and quickest method. As of now, @VPestilenZ’s brief clip which sees her de-skin 10 garlic cloves in 25-seconds (that’s 2.5 cloves per second), has been viewed 16.7 million times and climbing.

“As someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method for getting garlic peeled!” the user wrote in the tweet accompanying the video. The method seems to require stabbing the garlic, and then making a jimmying motion (yes, a jimmying motion) by pulling the clove slightly toward you — this will cause the garlic to slip right out of its skin apparently.

After a mesmerizing demonstration, our new Garlic Queen tosses her naked cloves into a basket of other de-skinned cloves — if garlic could have nightmares, this would be the one. Twitter users were loving the new method, and the clip even made it’s way to Chrissy Teigen who responded with an apt “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.”

Same Chrissy, same. So grab a clove, get to practicing and took a look at the Twitter chatter below.