Someone Is Hiding Steak Sauce At A Library And Everyone Is Baffled

Shutterstock/Kraft Foods

Someone call the Hardy Boys. We have a real mystery on our hands. For some unknown reason, someone is mysteriously leaving empty bottles of A1 Steak Sauce in between books at Avon Lake Public Library in Lorain County, Ohio. This has been happening for three months without any other clues to explain why and the employees are at a loss for words about the odd additions.

This brings up so many questions: why would someone do this? Why A1 Steak Sauce? Does this have something to do with the way President Trump eats his steak? Maybe there’s no reason at all and the culprit is just a diabolical puppet master who’s just watching and waiting for everyone to go insane with wonder.

The bottles have been placed at seemingly random places throughout the library. The first bottle was found on January 11th and since that date, the staff has uncovered more than 30 bottles of the zesty sauce. Don’t worry, rotting sauce isn’t smelling up the joint. All of the bottles are empty of sauce (someone already enjoyed it on a steak no doubt) and completely cleaned. Eleven alone were hidden behind and inside of the library’s newspapers, thus proving that someone is still reading newspapers.

The real mystery is why nobody has set up any cameras yet. As of now, no one knows who this sneaky steak sauce stranger is or why a quiet place where people read is their target. Staff members have found bottles all over the place, but most seem to turn up in the non-fiction section.

“We mapped the first 12 to see if we could find a pattern, but we couldn’t find a discernible pattern,” the library’s page supervisor, Dan Cotton, told The Chronicle-Telegram.

Early on, library employees suspected that a person was sneaking alcohol into the library in the bottles, but a simple smell test revealed that they hadn’t likely every contained alcohol. The second theory is that the bottles were part of a “geocaching” game, but that was dismissed because why would anyone have to use satellites to find thirty bottles of steak sauce. And, if it was a game, why would they keep adding more bottles?

Until someone either comes forward with an explanation or is caught in the act, we may never know what’s really going on. Maybe it is as simple as a person randomly picking one object just to confuse everyone or perhaps this is just the start of some sort of evil, global conspiracy. Maybe this will drag on for centuries like the mystery of Oak Island? Or maybe — and this is crazy, but bear with us — someone’s just trying to get people to pay attention to the library. Could it be the employees themselves?

To quote the X-Files, “The truth is out there” and we can’t wait to find out what it is.