The Definitive Guide To Preventing & Curing Your New Year’s Eve Hangover

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New Year’s is one of the drunkest eves of the year, and just about every conscious human is aware of this fact. So why go gently into that long night knowing that when you come out the other side, it’s going to be with a splitting headache and a stomach that feels like it just went ten rounds against Floyd Mayweather?

There’s no shortage of mythical hangover cures and miracle fixes (the Hair of the Dog is fun… but probably not legit helpful) which will ensure you’re as fresh as a daisy come 1-1-2018, but most of them are just that — myths. Use the following tips as a guideline to mitigate the possibility of a hangover, and if you suffer from one, use them to get rid of it and move on with your life in the new year.

Some of these will be obvious, some not. A few may seem a little weird (or illegal depending on which state you live in). all are proven to work.

Water. All Kinds of Water

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We’ll hammer home the fact that you should be matching every boozy drink with a glass of water multiple times through this highly-informational and extremely important article, but also keep in mind that you can crack open a nice, fresh La Croix/Polar/Perrier at any time. This breaks up the monotony of having “flat water” next to your delicious cocktail, and just like real water, it’ll help you urinate. Which is a very important thing on New Year’s Eve. We’ll get to that later.

Sipping a nice fizz is great on New Year’s Day too, when you’re desperate to settle your stomach. You know how sick kids sip on ginger ale and crackers? That ginger ale has life-giving properties, we understand, but it’s also full of sugar. The bubbles in sparkling water will help settle your stomach and get you back on your feet.

There have also been studies (by Pedialyte) that highlight Pedialyte or Gatorade as great hangover drinks. Gatorade has a ridiculous amount of sugar which won’t work for some, but Pedialyte’s potassium and sodium contents will hydrate you and get you out of bed.



Some say the spicy food hangover is only going to make matters worse, others swear by it. The only 100 percent reliable piece of information in this equation is that you should eat. Whatever you do, don’t let alcohol be the only thing in your grumbling stomach come 4pm New Year’s Day. You know your tastes, you know your body. Start your diet on Jan 2.

Eat something that will settle your stomach, be it some chicken nuggets or chicken soup or chicken tikka masala. If you’re anywhere in Cali or the Southwest, you’re not even going to think about this: You’re going with a burrito. If you’re elsewhere, here are a few other good ideas:

  • Beans – So you can replenish your calcium and vitamin B.
  • Bread – Some say it’s a myth, but the carbs can soak up the alcohol and fill your stomach with something other than what’s making you feel awful. Carbs also help balance your blood sugar.
  • Sweet potatoes – Just like the beans.
  • Eggs – More B vitamins! And the yolk will replenish your D vitamins which might be low in the winter depending on your location.

In other words, use the above to make yourself a fantastic bean and egg wrap, or sandwich with some sweet potatoes (and bacon?) and you’re basically ready to take on the world. But it’s valuable to remember that you should be eating food that’s good for you. The greasy, fat breakfast might work for some, but the entire point of eating food is for their nutrients. Don’t take the hangover meal advice of some college kid with a metabolism of a cheetah on amphetamines — eat well, be well.

If you’re dead set on using an incoming hangover as a reason to get an unhealthy, greasy meal then take the advice of Telegraph, which states that a greasy meal before you drink. The food will actually slow down the absorption rate of the alcohol so you’ll get drunk slower and become less likely to think about placing that lampshade on your head.

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