A Bouncer Wears A GoPro To Show How Terrible Everyone Is On New Year’s Eve

Not to sound 135 years old (which is exactly what a 135-year-old WOULD sound like), but I have no idea why anyone goes out on New Year’s Eve.

Well, attending a house party makes sense, as does having a nice meal at a low-key restaurant, but the club or bar? Nope. Pretty sure spending December 31 at Tipsy McSwilligan’s is one of the circles of hell. A bouncer working at the Gatsby nightclub in snow-covered Ontario wore a GoPro to show what it’s like to work the door on New Year’s. Road House, it ain’t.

(The footage is from 2014, but was just uploaded to YouTube.)

The bouncer patiently deals with drunk people, really drunk people, and SUPER drunk people. One girl loses her shoe, another guy says, “I got thrown out the front and they said, ‘Grab another drink.’ ” There are a lot of liars and douchebags out there, and they all come out to the club on New Year’s.