Bartenders Tell Us The Strangest Hangover Cures They’ve Ever Heard

Bartenders are tasked with creating the cocktails and pouring the beer that might end up giving you a hangover (assuming you have one too many). Even if you prepare by drinking guzzling water, the wrong mixture of red wine, whiskey, and Red Bull could still result in a headache that feels like someone driving a white hot railroad spike through your temple. The good news is the same bartenders who poured your drinks also might have the cure for what ales you (get it?).

During their time behind the bar, they’ve heard every single hangover remedy ever conceived. That’s why we asked them to tell us some of the wildest and strangest cures they’ve ever heard of.

Jim Ryan, founder of Third Eye Spirits in New York City


“I’ve heard a lot over the years of travel, but while traipsing the Turkish coast and on the morning after perhaps a few too many Efes tall boys combo-ed with ice cold local Raki, the innkeeper (who was the same guy as the bartender) at our mountainside hut in Butterfly Valley suggested tripe soup to ease the pain. Somehow, the thought of slurping the boiling hot bovine intestinal contents weighed well on my stomach.”

Mikey Yoder, head bartender at Komodo in Miami

“Three Aleve and a bottle of water before you go to sleep, and a beer in the morning first thing after your eyes open. I had a friend who swore by this for years. I was skeptical because I was always under the impression that only time truly cures a hangover; however, I tried it once and realized there was truth in the method.”

Caroline Blundell, manager of Plan Check in Santa Monica


“I used to spend a lot of time in Puerto Rico, and their urban legend hangover remedy is rubbing lemon under your arms before you start drinking. Never seemed to work, and you don’t even end up smelling lemon fresh.”

Jeremy Lake, bar manager at Rosaliné in Los Angeles


“Drinking a cup of water upside down. …Wait, maybe that’s to get rid of the hiccups. Either way, drinking plenty of water is a sure-fire hangover remedy.”

Chris Kearns, bar director at Mr. Cannon in New York City


“I’m truly fascinated by the B vitamin and electrolyte, in-home, IV drip services that seem to be getting more and more popular. It just seems like such a drastic and extreme way to treat your hangover. What ever happened to a breakfast sandwich and tons of Gatorade?”

Gregory Westcott, bar manager at Hinoki & the Bird in Los Angeles


“I don’t think any hangover cure is strange if it works. My favorite is eating a greasy burger. Almost makes me want a hangover.”

Josh Holliday, beverage director at 50 Eggs Inc.


“Shellfish Broth and a hard boiled egg… I’ve not tried this particular remedy but I assume it leaves the patient with fantastic breath.”

Cameron Dodge-White, lead bartender & GM at Little Dom’s in Los Angeles


“I’ve seen and heard such a menagerie ranging from the pseudo-scientific to the bizarre. I know of a guy who swore by making black tea but swapping out water for Gatorade and adding horseradish. A good hangover cure is highly specialized to the sufferer – a mixture of magic and hope and electrolytes.”

Pamela Wiznitzer, bartender at Kola House in New York City


“People have their “sure bet” hangover cures. There are so many wives’ tales about how to kick the headache, but what you truly need an ample amount of hydration, electrolytes, food and most of the time, additional sleep. I personally like to sweat it out in a hot yoga class, load up on coconut water and ensure that I get a lot of carbs and veggies in my stomach.”

Sarah Mengoni, lead bartender at Double Take in Los Angeles


“A whole raw egg straight out of the shell and down the throat… I love raw eggs in my cocktails, but come-on, without booze mixed in, that just grosses me out!”

Jon Howard, head bartender at Henley in Nashville


“The strangest hang over cure I have ever heard of is a co-worker was convinced that eating a falafel, with green tea after yoga was THE thing to do. I don’t get it.”

Morgan Zuch, Corporate Beverage Director at Datz in Tampa, Florida


“Coconut water mixed with some Alka-Seltzer. It sounds gross but it’s the best cure for the common hangover. It’s that last minute ‘morning after’ kind of cure. Also, charcoal pills to absorb the toxins before a night of drinking seems to be the latest trend in cures. I tried this one and I actually felt pretty normal the next morning.”

Trevor Landry, Beverage Director of NL Group in Dallas


“Apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal power, lemon, and water – it kind of works…sometimes.”