It’s Time You Learned How To Make Hash Browns

Zach Johnston/Uproxx

Hash browns are the Anthony Bourdain-approved breakfast side dish of champions. Honestly, have you ever really ordered “home fries” with your breakfast because you wanted them? Hell, no. A shredded potato fried up nice and crispy is damn near perfect — when done correctly.

A great hash brown recipe is the simplest recipe. The crucial aspect here is to remove as much starch and water as possible, so that you get that nice “shredded” potato feel where the shreds feel fairly individual yet still part of a crispy whole. A lot of people will tell you to parboil or even bake and then cool potatoes before the grate. That doesn’t work. Too much starch is going to be left over and you’ll have more of a mash potato pancake at the end, rather than a hash brown.

Thing is, hash browns are pretty easy to make, they just take a little prep. In the end, we’re talking 15 minutes, max, to make a seriously delicious plate of hash browns at home right now. Here’s how.

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