One Major British TV Network Is Shutting Down For An Hour For The Good Of The Viewers (Seriously!)


Having ever-improving technology and hundreds of television channels at our fingertips right in the comfort of our own homes is undeniably a great thing, but the side-effects of sitting on our asses binge watching Game of Thrones while constantly refreshing Facebook is that our current generation of earthlings are by far the most sedentary ever. Something has to change, and who better to start that change than a television network. Wait, what? Who? Anyone besides a television network themselves taking up a cause that’s paramount goal is to get fewer eyeballs glued to TV’s would make more sense, but that’s exactly what is currently happening in Britain.

One of Britain’s leading broadcasters. ITV, recently blacked out programming for an hour in hopes of guiding viewers away from their homes, and out to places where they could get some exercise. A movement labeled ‘I Am Team GB’ allowed people to visit gyms and sports clubs for free while ITV further pushed them towards the front door by sending all shows across various channels to a black screen.

While some applauded the cause, predictably, many mocked it. Social media did it’s thing, mocking ITV and thanking them for the best programming they have seen on their channels in years.

(Via Time)