The Lightning In A Bottle Festival Sparks More Than Just A Wild Party

06.12.17 2 years ago

There comes a point in a person’s life, especially after three decades of experience on Earth, where partying loses some importance. Don’t get me wrong. I can still appreciate losing control over my limbs from time to time. But today, I can safely say, that I go to festivals to get deep. I want peace of mind and I want to connect with a higher purpose of existence. To me, that includes less obliteration, more meditation. Early arrival and early departure. Wake up with the sun, and go for a good stretch. Dance all night, sure, but pick your poison carefully.

Which is why I was impressed with my trip to Do LaB’s Lighting in a Bottle festival at the end of May. The eclectic music and art weekend made all my holistic festival dreams come true, while also bringing sweet music to my ears. That’s the new era of festivals: One part rave, one part self empowerment. It’s a recipe that was started at Burning Man, and has gone stratospheric in recent years.

At LIB, the partying is deemphasized enough for a person to enjoy the setting. When my friend Zander and I pulled up in a camper van on Friday afternoon, I could hear birds chirping. The sun was out, people were acting civil, and the process of parking was the easiest I’ve ever seen at a festival. Unlike Fyre Fest, this place was organized; we set up camp within minutes.

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