Photos From The Do LaB — The Coachella Venue Where Art, Movement, And Music Meet

Juliana Bernstein comes from rock photography royalty. Her uncle is Joel Bernstein, whose iconic touring photographs of artists like Joni Mitchell, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Dylan inspired Cameron Crowe’s imagery in Almost Famous.

“He gave me a Nikon camera when I was seven years old,” Juliana laughs. “He was like, ‘You’re going to do what I do.’”

Inspired by her uncle’s work, Juliana says that photography has always been her focus, her passion — especially where music intersects with art. It’s what drives her. And as a photographer on the team at Coachella’s Do LaB stage this year, she’s putting all her knowledge and passion to work.

Do LaB is known for being one of the wildest, coolest parties at Coachella. Their stages are works of art and their incorporation of water, music, and bold creativity bring people from all over the festival flocking. So check out these gorgeous photos Juliana took of weekend one, read her words, and run, don’t walk (though you might collect $200, just for food) directly to the Do LaB for weekend two.

You shot at Do laB this year at Coachella, what do you love about the Do LaB stage?

I’ve worked with a lot of companies, but the Do LaB is really special. They build incredible stages that are based on art. And they bring fire dancers out, and aerialists. It’s really, really special. The company as a whole, it’s just really grounded people. People don’t understand that music can be more than just about the party. It’s really about creating a foundation for an entire generation to build off, and to learn, and to grow.

(Do LaB) wants to create a whole experience for their audience. That ties in more than just music-art. That ties in with cooking; that ties in with the environment stability; and yoga and the body. It’s really amazing.

Did you have some favorite or surprising moments taking photos at Do LaB?

I’ve been waiting to shoot for the Do LaB for a very long time! I fell in love with that stage, when I first went to Coachella in 2009. I flew from New York, and I was running around, little 16-year-old, 17-year-old me, like super excited, and found the Do LaB. I was like, “This place is awesome and I’m going to hang out here.” I had a goal, a long term goal to shoot for them this weekend.