Mark Cuban Reveals His Biggest Regret From ‘Shark Tank’ And It Sounds Delicious


The collected entrepreneurs that make up the Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank rarely second guess themselves, and almost always have a good reason for turning down a bright-eyed business owner looking for a cash injection. But sometimes, the panel of multi-millionaires and billionaires make the wrong decision. Considering how the majority of them have anecdotes about failing plenty of times before finally becoming a success, they have no qualms about admitting when they’re wrong. In fact, the Sharks are wrong more often than one would expect.

There are a plethora of success stories for businesses that were shut down by the Sharks, but there’s one in particular that still irks Mark Cuban — a frozen shrimp burger.

Yes, Cuban’s whale is a shrimp patty, made by Chef Big Shake at Big Shake’s Hot Chicken & Fish. He turned down investing in the burger and the restaurant, but the pitch was so well received by viewers that $500,000 was raised by Angel Investors, and the patties were shipped to grocery stores all over the country, raking in millions in the process.

According to FoodBeast, the burgers are no longer in stores due to the high cost of fees for being in stores, but restaurants all over the country feature the burger, and Big Shake’s Hot Chicken & Fish is looking into expanding his mini-restaurant empire into a massive restaurant empire by franchising in the coming years.

At least Mark Cuban told Chef Big Shake, also known as Shawn Davis, that he has a customer for life.

(Via FoodBeast)