McDonald’s Is Bringing The McGriddle To Its All Day Breakfast Menu Nationwide

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McDonald’s foray into all day breakfast has been a rousing success for the chain. Americans nationwide were thrilled to get their breakfast favorites all the live long day. There were some items missing from the menus in specific locations, which peeved a few here and there, but being able to get an Egg McMuffin at four in the afternoon worked for Mickey-D’s. Well hold on to your brown plastic trays, folks. McDonald’s just announced the McGriddle is coming to the all day breakfast menu this August. This is a move by McDonald’s “to continue to give customers more of their favorite breakfast items any time of the day, McDonald’s will be shifting to one national All Day Breakfast menu allowing guests to enjoy even more breakfast choices nationwide.”

The breakfast menu options are available here. They include everything from the hotcakes to the sausage burrito and even the beloved hash browns. Of course, the full list of items will vary by restaurant, so you should visit every location in a 15-mile radius. Right? Right!

This is another chapter in the long list of tactics McDonald’s has employed to stay relevant in the ever-changing fast food market. Recently, the company announced they were ditching margarine for real butter and switching to cage free eggs in all of their restaurants. A bold move considering they use two billion eggs per year in the U.S. and Canada alone. That number is sure to skyrocket further as, finally, the all-day breakfast menu will be complete and nationwide by August! #variesbyrestaurant.

(Via Consumerist)

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